Summit Key Components

BPO Summit Bangladesh 2016 is promised to make a mark on the entire BPO industry, attracting business owners and enlighten the young mind. This is the high time Bangladesh should take a leap and the summit is dedicated to make it happen. Through this juncture, it is expected to make ways for new strategic development aligned with the target of a Digital Bangladesh and strengthen our ICT sector. This carnival will bring the ICT companies, experts, key policy makers, industry leaders, professionals & other ICT stakeholders of the society under one roof for a greater purpose to head for to the BPO industry of Bangladesh. The summit will lead to plethora of episodes like seminars, idea collaboration, confrontation of different platforms, job opportunity, hiring, career discussion and so on.

  • 1. Evaluate the prospects of BPO in Bangladesh and pave the way for development

  • 2. Collaboration of a wide range of people including investors/entrepreneurs, government officials & policy makers, professionals, journalists, academicians and students

  • 3. 20,000+ attendees from corporate, institutional & individual buyers

  • 4. Participation of Solution providers, Outsourcing companies and visitors from 10 countries

  • 5. To create awareness among clients’ to focus to their core business areas for their improvement in efficiency by outsourcing to the right BPO partners