How to become an instant celebrity By Mitch Carson

How to become an instant celebrity By Mitch Carson

All of us want to be famous, to see our names in lights and have our names on everyone's lips and as the main subject in all discussions, positively of course. To achieve this you have to be great at marketing yourself. With modern technology becoming a celebrity is easier than you ever thought. Here are some steps that will make you an instant celebrity:

• Decide what kind of celebrity you want to be and focus in on that. Whether you want to be an actor or actress, singer, business leader or maybe a chef, you will need to be focused on your goal. There are many different areas that you can be a celebrity in and your hobby may be what turns you into a celebrity guru.

• Whatever your niche, you have to perfect it and keep it at a perfect level by practicing, a lot. Failing to practice is practicing to fail in this scenario. Honing your skills for at least an hour a day will ensure it stays sharp, focused and you stay on top of your game.

• Creativity goes a long way to establishing your brand. Even though some unoriginal ideas do become famous, it's the original ones that stick out and get stuck in people's minds and that is what you want. If you do decide on using a old idea, make yours special by adding something exceptional.

• In order for you to learn what works and what bombs, you have to watch others that chose the field you are in. Learn from those who made it before you. You will know what to avoid if by seeing what they do and what they shouldn't have done. You can watch how they promote themselves and learn a few tips.

• Get in touch with the right people. In the world of big names nothing rings truer than the old saying: '”t's not what you know but who you know.” You need to speak to or if you can, hire a marketing pro. Again, knowing how to market yourself is an absolute must. Seek out a mentor that knows the path you chose. Avoid being a pest, though. If you meet people that have the same goals as you, you should get together and help each other out. You don't have to be rivals just because you set your sights on the same goal.

• Enhance your public image. This will be who you are going to represent in front of the public and others you meet in the icon world. It is a persona you will be wearing for short periods, but this persona should still be you, just enhanced and perfected.

• After speaking to or hiring your marketing expert, you should have enough know-how for this step. You have to go full-out in marketing yourself. When promoting yourself you have to tell the world or at least your market what makes you different from everyone else that does what you do. Never give up. Be persistent. Before being able to get on big shows on television and radio, first get them interested by approaching your local, smaller shows to demonstrate what you have to offer and prove you are great at being interviewed. Once you succeeded in that, it will be easier to get bigger shows and stations interested, especially if the smaller shows build you a following that ask for you to appear on the bigger platforms. It happens that shows choose guests to interview purely on what the audience is asking for.

• Using social media, you can prove that you are a marketable commodity and this step is totally up to you to manage. You do not have to wait for stations and shows to contact you. You are in charge of how much of yourself you put out there. The more the better, especially in the beginning. More details on what platforms you can use later.

• Having a celebrity friend will not hurt at all. When they have to be at a public setting for something like a book signing (if you are planning on becoming a writer or just writing one book) or anything similar, go out and meet them. Forming a friendship in this way is less like a stalker than just randomly popping up everywhere they are.

Writing a book
Writing a book is not just for those who want to be writing celebs, but is also a great way of getting the word out about yourself, no matter what you plan on being famous for. If you are not a writer you can always employ someone to write your story. It could be something to the effect of an in-depth look at your journey, etc.

Start a podcast
Starting a podcast means that your subscribed fans will always be updated to your news and they'll be kept in the loop about all your updates.

Open a YouTube channel
You can upload videos of yourself on YouTube showcasing your niche. Once you have an open YouTube channel, people will get to know who you are and what you are about, especially if you are very active and upload captivating, fresh content on a regular basis.

Press Releases
As long as you remember that anything one does can be turned into newsworthy info worthy of a press release, you can get your name out there with this strategy. You just need to know how to create hype around what it is you have to say.

By blogging, you can give your piece of mind in a way that will leave your followers wanting more. In this manner they also learn what you are about and they get a chance to like you and your work.

This platform is not just for those looking for employment. It can also be used to find the right kind of people that may be able to assist in your journey to the top.

Speaking publicly
While public speaking may not be for everyone, if you are going to be a celebrity in your category you are going to have to at some point. You may as well get started early. Speaking in public is guaranteed to get you noticed by many people at once and more importantly, in person.

Facebook and Twitter
Being on Facebook and Twitter is a no-brainer. It is not optional and you have to make sure you are very active on both these social platforms. It is a surefire way of getting a growing crowd of supporters

In summary
If you are not active on these platforms your fans will forget about you before you even gained them. Be aware that you should be talking about subjects other than your wonderful talent or you will quickly be old news. Keep your content fresh and vary the subject matter to keep your fans wanting more.

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